Welcome to IDRC Diamonds!

Our new selection of baguettes and taper diamonds has been selected to fit with the current demand of the market.
We hope you will always find what you need.

We cut and manufacture any sizes you need for your jewellery products.

Princess cut is one of the most popular melle shape diamonds amongst our manufacturing orders. We hold any size and quality. Please call us for information.

Want to make a necklace, bracelet or a full eternity ring?
We supply lines of stock of any size, quality and shape. Please contact us on 020 7404 6999 for information.

3 stones half point!
Don’t worry, we will happily provide it for you, whether it is big or small.

Can’t find a reliable workshop or manufacturing companies?
Please don’t hesitate to ask us and we can help you with solutions of our trusted craftsmen, who can fulfil any of your needs!

Need a certificate/report for your diamond or jewellery branding solutions?
Contact us as we have an outstanding lab with the state-of-the-art grading facilities, or visit us here at IDRC Lab.